Can someone live as a Christian in today’s world?

For someone living in a liberal democracy such as Canada, the answer is easy – yes. It’s more difficult in many parts of the world. Yet there are still many challenges in living a set of values, with a different type of allegiance, than the majority culture. This site is here to give you some ideas on how you can live as a Christian in today’s world.

There and back again tells something about my faith journey – how I backed away from the Christianity I was raised with, and then came back to a more thoughtful, complete understanding of what a Christian is and does (and doesn’t).

What’s a Christian? gives my idea of what a Christian isn’t … and is.

My inner ferret tells about my personal struggles with my own personal demon – which in my case, involved anger management. It may provide some useful ideas for other people wrestling with their own weak areas.

Fiction – sometimes, telling a truth can come best through something that is made up. In ‘Staying out of the machine,’ you’ll learn about how one person learned to overcome a desire to be, well, human. In ‘Miss Magnolia,’ another Christian learns to follow Jesus’ admonition to ‘turn the other cheek,’ for a surprisingly positive result.